Jonathan Rahn

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Jonathan Rahn
Head of Data-Science & Analytics @ 42DIGITAL
Dev Stack
Data Science: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter, icy (Docs)
Machine Learning: scikit-learn, xgboost, Keras (Models), Tensorflow
Cloud: Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS
Other: Adwords Scripts, Flask, Requests, MongoDB, Feather, HDF5
Recommended Reading / Listening
Import AI Newsletter, Linear Digressions Podcast, Talking Machines Podcast, Intro to ML with Python, Deep Learning, Lean Analytics, Python for Data Analysis, Python Data Science Handbook, Beautiful Data, Digital Analytics Power Hour, Release It!, everything Peter Norvig
Links & About
github - kaggle - xing - linkedin - docker hub - uw/h 1/2 - readmore